Waiting is Never Easy

I don’t necessarily excel in the cleaning department, and you won’t find me in Hobby Lobby picking up materials for the latest Pinterest craft or even at the hardware store for any DIY room makeovers that can be done over the weekend. But what I do love is cooking a meal for my family almost every night of the week.

I find such joy looking through my favorite cookbook and planning out our weekly menu. I enjoy making the grocery list and then venturing off to the store to pick up all my “supplies” for my craft, i.e., cooking! If there was a sixth love language, cooking for other people would be MY love language (in a sense this goes back to service). I enjoy serving others.

Waiting is Never EasyAll three of my children have autism and teaching them to serve others isn’t a concept they grasp. However, when I am in the kitchen cooking a meal, I welcome my kids to pull up a barstool and help. We work on stirring, pouring, listening to directions, and waiting for the timer to sound so that we can see our hard work. I show them how we pray over the food as we prepare it and ask that God would bless those who eat it. Teaching a child to wait isn’t always easy.

Oftentimes we are asked to wait. The Lord works the very same way with us. We must follow the directions, listen to the stirring of our hearts, pour the gospel into others, and wait upon the Lord for greatness—in His time. In Psalm 27:14, we are called to “Wait for the Lord; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord.”

Waiting is never easy. Whether you are waiting for that wonderful meal you’ve spent time preparing or waiting on your child to learn the most basic concepts, be sure you are bringing everything to the Lord. Pray without ceasing. Follow His directions as closely as you would your favorite recipe and then wait on His perfect timing to bring everything together for His glory.

About the Writer:
Tamie is a stay at home wife and mommy of three kids with autism. She is a member of First Baptist Dallas and enjoys spending time hanging out at home with her family. Tamie has a servant’s heart and it passionate about encouraging other woman in their daily walk with the Lord.

Tamie’s personal blog is about her journey rearing three kids with autism and the lessons the Lord is teaching her along the way.

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