Let the Fun Begin…

Summer always signified a trip to one of my favorite places on earth. It wasn’t anywhere extravagant, but I always experienced adventure.

Picture this:

A condo located in a quiet neighborhood near Lake Travis. Crooked trees stand as sentries just outside the door surrounded by a rock bed. Step through the doors and you can smell AC and the faint scent of chlorine. A tapestry from some country across the pond hangs above the first staircase landing. Three kids cram into a room with two double beds and enough room for an air mattress. A photo of Raider Red hangs above one of the beds, a foreshadowing of my eventual four-year stint in Lubbock.

Kariss summer funEvery morning, dry corn draws deer up to the patio where towels and swimsuits air dry. We sneak close to the deer as they eye us while munching their tasty treat. Fawns wander on wobbly legs. We even find one, fresh from birth on the porch of an empty house.

A glistening blue pool calls to us behind an iron gate, and we can’t wait to splash in. More than water, it’s memories – learning to swim, learning to dive, munching popsicles or fruit, laughter, summer friendships.

We spend every fourth at the town parade and watch fireworks from the upstairs patio. Every evening is spent building puzzles, cooking dinner, playing games, and watching all the Rocky and Sister Act movies.

To me, this week of the summer always signified a time of retreat. Psalm 46:10 says to “Be still” or “cease striving.” That’s a hard thing for this girl raised in Dallas. But with stillness comes perspective. And it always came at the condo. It’s where I surrendered my life to Christ. It symbolizes sun and uninterrupted family time. It symbolizes my childhood outside the city where I could breathe and explore. A brief moment of rest to recharge with Jesus.

This month, we will share our summer stories. We pray you will take moments to pause from the yearly craziness and see this time as an opportunity to grow in Christ. So without further ado, let the fun begin…

Kariss Lynch writes contemporary fiction about characters with big dreams, hearts for adventure, and enduring hope. Shaken, her first book in the Heart of a Warrior series, released in February 2014. A former freelance writer, she now works as the writer for the communications ministry at a church in Dallas.


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