Hey, Duck!

Every other weekend, we have the pleasure of hosting our two-year-old niece. Our “baby” is seventeen, so it’s been a while since we had to think of ways to wear out a little person who seems to have an unlimited supply of energy!

Somehow, we never seem to be able to use an entire loaf of bread, and it literally piles up in the pantry until I have six to eight half-eaten loaves occupying the shelves. The good news is we figured out that ducks don’t mind old bread and eat it like it’s fresh from the oven! So, off to the lake we go, little person in-tow!

When her feet touch the pavement, she personifies the phrase hit the ground running! She takes off in the direction of the water with her uncle following behind yelling, “Wait! Wait! WAIT!” and I think, I’ll get two for the price of one in this deal. But, it’s too late. She sees the prize. Ducks!  And, she’s got to get her hands on one. NOW!

“Hey!” she yells.

One by one, they scurry away as quickly as their webbed feet can carry them.

“Here, Baby,” her uncle explains, “Give them bread — that’ll make them stay.” Demonstratively he breaks off pieces, throws them to the ground, and slowly they come back — pecking niblets while keeping their eyes on a certain two-year-old.

He hands her a slice; she pinches off nearly microscopic pieces and throws them to her orange-billed friends.Duck

Apparently, this process is moving too slowly, so she yells, “Hey, Duck!” and sprints in their direction waving their meal in her hand. This time, they take flight and soar across the lake and land like little white boats atop the water out of her reach.

This scenario repeated itself until the ducks finally decided it was better to starve than be given a heart attack by a 3-foot human.

If only we could get her to understand the bread, minus the yelling, would bring the ducks to her feet. And, if only the ducks could understand what she was offering was good and life-sustaining. The noise drowned out the sensibility of that notion.

How often are we like that with God, forgetting the delicate balance that man does not live by bread alone, but rather, by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord”? As stated in Deuteronomy 8:3, we need bread to live; but we also need God’s Word to be our life, our source, and our portion forever.

Our intention was to take our sweet girl to expend some energy, have fun, and be the hand of God for those ducks. We got to do all of that. However, the lesson I took home was the beautiful reminder that even when the busyness of my life sometimes drowns out the voice of God, He is faithful “to never leave or forsake me” as He provides our needs and daily bread (Deut. 31:6).

We left the bread strewn across the grass for the ducks. A little girl fell asleep in her car seat on the way home. We created a wonderful memory for our family, and our precious Father reminded me that His Word is “not an idle word for you; indeed it is your life” (Deut. 32:47).

Operation: Fun in the Sun— ACCOMPLISHED.

About the Writer:
Nicole considers herself fantastically spoiled by the three men in her life: her loving God, her darling husband, and her uber handsome son. She loves road trips, makeup, making things look pretty, and making up words like “coffeelicious” — which means a DELICIOUS cup of coffee in “Nicole.” Her dream is to live in the country, on at least ten acres of land, and own a tan horse with a blonde mane that she will name “Blondie” — even if it’s a male.


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