Under Fire

Two years ago, I sat on a roof under a Haitian sky, listening to my teammates talk about our day in the village. Two mother daughter teams had joined our little band of young adults. As they sat listening to us process, they asked many questions.

I noticed a consistent theme as my friends began to answer. No matter who responded, the answer was the same one I would have given – same scripture, same biblical truth. I realized that despite our different ministry areas, we had all been trained by the same church and because of that, we were likeminded, able to give an account for the hope in us and why we believe what we believe (1 Peter 3:15).


Fast-forward to a year later as I edited my manuscript, Shaken, for publication. One of my biggest fears was misrepresenting the Navy SEALs portrayed in my book. So I did my homework, asked questions, and while I learned the culture of the SEALs, I also learned a few things about my walk with the Lord and a few things that I believe should ring true of all believers.

1)   We are called to make war for our fight is not against flesh and blood. We are called to stand up for the weaker. We are called to be mighty (wo)men.

2)   We are called to work as a team, to be likeminded, having all things in common. I noticed that the SEALs may specialize in different skills, but their training is the same. They fight AS ONE.

3)   We are called to love as Christ loved. He loved us all the way to the cross, not hesitating to give up His life. “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

This month, we will celebrate the fourth of July and the patriotism and sacrifice that come along with it. I pray that as we celebrate our freedom, we don’t lose sight of becoming mighty women of God, able, ready, and willing to give an account for the hope that is in us, no matter the consequences.

Kariss Lynch writes contemporary fiction about characters with big dreams, hearts for adventure, and enduring hope. Shaken, her first book in the Heart of a Warrior series, released in February 2014. A former freelance writer, she now works as the writer for the communications ministry at a church in Dallas.


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