He’s Got This

We all go through transitions in life. Whether it’s a change in jobs, transition from single life to married life, a couple to a family, the loss of a parent, or just a change of seasons in our everyday life; transition isn’t always comfortable.

Transition is a word we as a family have become all too familiar with over the past two years. When you have little ones with autism, transition is painful. You do your best to give plenty of warning regarding said transition and pray for the best possible outcome, all the while expecting the worst.

I can prepare myTransition children days or weeks in advance for a transition and still they go kicking and screaming. They are comfortable doing what they know, set into routine, and no matter how great the next activity is going to be, there is always some resistance to transition.

I find that God prepares me much in the same way: preparing my heart, leading me to scriptures, and sending key people into my life to help with the transition. Some of those seasons bring about exciting new things and the transition is easier. Other seasons are scary, and I go kicking and screaming much like my toddler.

So if the Lord prepares us, why are we so fearful? We are comfortable where He has placed us. We like where we are and what He has given us. Why don’t we trust Him more, knowing He only desires what is best for our lives according to His perfect will? Every time I’m faced with a transition a key verse comes to mind.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

These words are very clear – He’s got this.

Even now as I sit here, I know the Lord is preparing me for my next transition. I do not need to be afraid. He’s laid the perfect plan out that will bring Him glory. I need to trust in Him rather than go kicking and screaming.

About the Writer:
Tamie is a stay at home wife and mommy of three kids with autism. She is a member of First Baptist Dallas and enjoys spending time hanging out at home with her family. Tamie has a servant’s heart and is passionate about encouraging other woman in their daily walk with the Lord.

Tamie’s personal blog is about her journey rearing three kids with autism and the lessons the Lord is teaching her along the way.


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