Learning from a 65-year-old Heart

I think somewhere around 24 I realized I did not know everything. To be honest, typing that statement is still hard…#momentoftruth. But somewhere along this journey called life I stopped long enough to look around and realize that a huge part of who I am came from the life lessons a 65 year old man taught me.

This man taught me how to search out and know Gods word. This man taught me to start my days with Jesus. This man taught me to be grateful in all situations. And he constantly reminds me that “God is up to something good.”

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

Some days I get lost in the small things, the boring things, and the tasks that get me through the hours. Other days I get lost in the large over-arching picture that calls me to rethink everything.

No matter the day, no matter the thought process, this man always leads me back to the Lord. He always points me to God’s truths and to the fact that in all things God is calling us to be grateful.

That last statement is hard. Maybe it’s just me or maybe we lie to ourselves and say that we are grateful in all things but our actions reveal otherwise.Learning from a 65-year-old Heart

Being grateful is a process, it’s a journey, it’s a position of the heart that leads us to the thrown of Christ. There is no place I would rather be; yet how often do we forsake this?

A 65 year old heart, a heart of a man, the heart of my Dad, taught me that in all the good, in all the bad, in all the painful, and in all the joyous things we should be grateful and remember that God is up to something good.

So today I say thanks to my Dad for teaching me such a strong life lesson. And I wonder, is there someone you should be grateful for because they taught you something that changed your life?

About the Writer:
Liz, just a girl who spends her days with fifth graders challenging the normal way of teaching, spends her afternoons with her friends laughing and challenging the definition of community to be something much deeper, and spends her evenings with Dancing with the Stars and Pinterest, challenging the worldly norm of a 28 year old.

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