Winds of Change

It’s 2015—a new year, new resolutions and new opportunities to make a change. Whatever the day, month or season may bring, changes will most certainly come. But this begs the question: do you want to change? And if so, will you be ready to accept the change?Winds of Change
Let’s face it, letting go of what’s familiar is tough. Changing careers, schools, or moving to a new location can drain us. Health changes (and challenges) can certainly be tough. It’s even harder to leave behind old habits, attitudes and behaviors.
Ever had a destructive habit? For me, it’s the battle of the bulge. Every new year I make the same resolution. I think this year will be different as I hope for a newer, sleeker me. And each year, about three weeks in, I cave and go back to my old habits. Maybe you’ve experienced a loved one’s downward spiral desperately attempting to rescue them time and time again until finally God finally laid on your heart, “Stop. Let go.”
Do you want to see a transformation in your life? Maybe you have tried to overcome a particular problem or a habit and have failed. But this isn’t about you trying now. This is about God giving you the strength to do it. Jesus said, “With God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26). Jesus, the Son of God, is alive and still changing lives. He is ready and more than able to change yours. He has called us to move on to new life by letting go of our old worldly lives, our old habits, our old dreams. He has called us to boldly move forward without looking back because He is in the transforming business.
I love acronyms. It helps me remember things as I “mature.” I wrote this acronym for CHANGES in my Bible a long time ago and now I’d like to share it with you:



This blows me away! To think Jesus Christ, who gave me the greatest gift of all when He died for my sins, continues to heap more gifts on me every second of every minute of every hour of every day. When I stop looking at me and focus more on Him, the excitement keeps building. Gifts can be as simple as a card from a friend, a smile from a co-worker, an encouraging phone call. The list goes on forever. What’s especially comforting to me is God’s promise in Malachi 3:6, “For I am the Lord, I change not.” Let’s face it, the whole world is changing around us, but our one constant is GOD and His great love for us.
Changes? Let ‘em come! Change can be our friend. In 2015 and beyond, let’s not walk in fear, but in faith—trusting God with all the changes, knowing that He is more than able to help us and has plans to bless us.

About the Writer:
Debby Efurd has facilitated post-abortion recovery groups in the North Texas area for the past three years and is a certified trainer with Life Impact Network. She is co-founder of Initiative 180 and Peace After the Storm. As a speaker and author, Debby shares her story to women of all ages with compassion, humor, wisdom, and courage. Her life journey is one of victory in Christ and amazing recovery from a past abortion. On Debby’s blog, “The Second Mile,” she shares her perspectives on what really matters in life—a relationship with Jesus Christ. Wife, mother, and grandmother, she is a life advocate, active member of First Baptist Dallas, and involved participant of her community.


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