Practically in Love

As I reflect on years past, when my husband and I were newly married and our hopes were high and our future was bright, it was easy for us to say and even show “I love you.” But after 10 years of marriage and 2 kids later, the masks have come off and the real people have emerged, which is not always a pretty sight. For us, “I love you” has taken on a new meaning and it often shows itself in not so romantic ways (even though my husband has always been the type of guy who likes to go all out for his girl). He loves me when he comes home and sees me in those baggy sweat pants and the same food stained college T-Shirt that I’ve had on for the past 2 days. In the same way, I still love him when he walks straight past the sink of dirty dishes and overflowing trash can, as if they didn’t exist.

Practically in LoveAs Christians, I would venture to say that we have no problem with the idea of loving God. His amazing grace urges us to love Him with all our heart, soul and mind.  The struggle comes in those everyday situations when we have an opportunity to represent God’s love to others, especially to those who don’t know Him. It’s easy to love the lovable (for example, my husband), but it’s much more difficult to love those who give you no compelling reason to do so.

When we raise holy hands to show God how much we love Him, let us also strive in our daily walk to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Jesus tells us, “By this, all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another” John 13: 35

Here are some practical examples:

  • The difficult co-worker or fellow committee volunteer: Could you bring them a latte on Monday morning or pray with them when one of their family members is sick?
  • The boss who puts unrealistic expectations on you: Could you avoid bad mouthing them and instead work in a way that shows you are working unto the Lord?
  • Your children: Could you show a little patience and understanding when they are having their most unlovable moments?
  • That waiter who gets your order wrong when you only have 15 minutes to eat: Can you show him a little grace instead of frustration?

About the Writer:
Gabby Brown is a daughter of God Most High. She is married to her best friend and she is the mother of two amazing little boys. She leads the adoption ministry at First Baptist Dallas, and supports her husband in his role as teacher of the Growing Roots Sunday School class.


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