Scars of Love

“In a daring attempt, Dr. J.Mark Pool left his very important dinner in order to save his daugther’s life.” This account by my son –  perhaps a bit exaggerated – was about one of three trips to the hospital this week with our children. Johnna Katherine (6) fell and cut her lip on Tuesday, Jennaleigh (4) fell and cut her forehead on Wednesday, and on Thursday Jane Maddy (2) had a cast put on in preparation for an upcoming surgery. As a mom of six pretty rambunctious kids, I feel blessed that we made it nearly eleven years with no stitches or broken bones. However, in three days we tried to make up for lost time! More than once this week, I have stopped to thank God for His great love and protection over us. However, I must admit that I found myself worrying my girls would have a permanent scar on their face.

If we are honest, we ALL have scars. Some are visible, while some we keep hidden. They are the marks that show a glimpse of what we have gone through. Sometimes, we hide them deep in our hearts and in our minds – scars of rejection, of disappointment. Scars of broken dreams, of deep regret. Scars of loss and hopelessness.

Do scars serve a purpose?


  • Scars remind us of God’s comfort

When we see our scars, we see the comfort of Christ¹ and that He covers us with His steadfast love. Our scars are visible reminders of His never-ending love and forgiveness.² 

  • Scars serve as a testimony

Most of us try to hide our scars. We cover them up with make-up or hide them under clothes. But by sharing our scars (our testimonies) we can bless those around us. One of my favorite songs comes from a verse in

Revelations 12:11,“We will overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.”

In His hands, our scars speak of His goodness, not our failings. 

  • Scars remind us of God’s deep love for us

God loves us so much that He did not spare even himself the pain that scars bring He took on our sin, our pain, our suffering – each leaving Him scarred simply because of His great love for us.⁴  

My husband broke the news to me gently when he assured me that all injuries leave a scar. The skin always heals with a scar; there is no other way it can heal. If it weren’t for a scar, you would never heal from your hlovedurts.

It is hard to say if both of my girls’ scars will be noticeable in a few years. I hope not. But when you see yourself and your scars, do you see beauty or ugliness? Do you see pain or grace? In the light of His love for us, His comfort, and the testimony we have; we can see our scars as beautiful.

According to Zechariah 13, the resurrected, glorified body of Jesus will still bear the crucifixion scars. Why? I wonder if it is because God himself likes to be reminded of the pain He has been through. I think God sees the scars on His Son, and He finds them to be beautiful.⁵ His scars are the ultimate testimony of His love and comfort.

¹ 2 Corinthians 1:3-4, ² Psalm 86:15, ³ Isaiah 53:4-5, ⁴ Romans 5:8, ⁵ John 15:13

About the Author: 
Jessica Nixon Pool is blessed to be married to her best friend, Mark, for 15 years. She is further blessed to be the homeschooling mother to six amazing children. Jessica holds a BA from the University of Alabama, and Masters of Science in Family Studies from Texas Woman’s University. Before staying at home with her children, she worked in marriage and relationship education. God has given her a heart for teaching healthy relationship skills to others through marriage and parenting education. Together, Mark and Jessica currently teach a nearly/newly wed seminar at First Baptist Dallas.


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