The Great De-bait

In Christian circles a great debate is raging. Decades long is this debate. As women walking through this life we have seen, heard, and (dare I say) even judged both sides.

To stay home or to work outside the home…that is the question.

Now, before you click the “X,” I have 400 more words to show you that Christian women are taking the bait of the deceiver, and rendering the body of Christ useless as we quarrel in circles about what is right on this topic. As believers maybe we quarrel more in our minds than ever physically getting into a quarrel with someone. Still the debate, the guilt, and the deception rage on. These things I’ll argue are the bait.De-bait

When our focus is on the question about whether staying at home is right or wrong so in lies the bait. The deception here is that we are looking at the rule and not the Ruler. Jesus is the standard. It’s not your work friends, your church friends, or even your pocketbook.

Not to give this accuser of ours too much credit, but doesn’t this sound like bait? When our thoughts go to what our peers, employers, or society tell us instead of Jesus; are we not rendered useless, taking the bait by chewing on that thought? If the question is to stay home or not, isn’t that for the Savior to answer?

“Therefore as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him.” Colossians 2:6

The LORD is my God. He spoke to my heart, and I responded to Him. This began our relationship. My relationship with Him consists of me talking to Him, obeying Him, asking Him what He thinks, and reading about what He thinks in His word. It is me meditating on who He is and who He says I am. When the thought is on the argument, we aren’t telling people that we’ve been with the Savior. And if we aren’t telling them we have been with the Savior, we are not telling them there is a way to get to Him.

Isn’t that tricky of the accuser? He tricked ME into thinking my bank account is what decides whether I am to stay home with my children. It was about me asking my LORD, who then ANSWERED, showing me He is my Provider! I have a friend who is called by the LORD to be a mom who works outside the home. She asked and toiled with the Almighty about what to do and He answered in very specific detail, lighting the way with each step. When we give people these kinds of details we cast seeds of faith.

We have access by faith in Jesus to the Almighty. This is the miracle of all miracles! Don’t think for a moment the devil wants you focused on details like our access to the Lord. You might just tell someone the Gospel.

About the Writer:
Mindy Truly is the wife to her patient and much better half – Jeff, and a reluctant (initially) homeschool mom to their 2 sons. She earned her BS in Environmental Design from Texas A&M 8 years prior to being called to leave her safe career to become a stay at home mom – something she had no experience in. For this and several other things the LORD has called her family to do, God has shown Himself faithful to provide for His call. She loves to encourage women with the gospel…the gift that keeps on giving (Colossians 2:6).


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