God Most High—So High, Yet So Near

Recently, I strolled through a prayer garden of statues in a city near our home. The number of idols scattered throughout the garden was eye opening. Some stood erect, some sat proudly with strange smiles spread across their faces, while others reclined as though nothing mattered. I walked on and thanked God that He is God Most High, that He is real, and that He cares for people.

The Hebrew name of God, El Elyon—God Most High, is first mentioned in Genesis 14—a passage filled with chaos, wars, pagan kings who saw themselves as powerful and high above others, and God’s man, Abram. Abram raised his hand in promise to El Elyon, assured that God Most High was active in the chaos. Abram knew that God Most High was high above all men—kings and regular people.

But Abram said to the king of Sodom, “I have raised my hand to the LORD, God Most High, the Possessor of heaven and earth . . .” Genesis 14:22

God Most High—is high above your chaotic situation, but He is not removed from it! In His time, by His sovereign power, He works in the chaos!

My little sister and I spent hours pretending in our childhood. One of our favorite make-believe sessions was played out on an old-fashioned swing set. You know what I mean, don’t you—a letter “A” linked to another letter “A” by a long bar across the top? On our old swing set, two wooden swings dangled from chains attached to the cross bar

In our minds, our swing set became a grand trapeze in a colossal circus. We were (drum roll, please) the Amazing Smith Sisters—a daring trapeze duo, balancing on the letter “A’s” and leaning in to grab the swings dangling from the chains.God Most High

Artwork by artist Mitzi Saddo

Being the oldest Smith sister gave me supremacy in our make-believe act. I sat in my swing lifted high above my younger sister, Karen. In my imagination, I saw myself high and lifted up—high above the make-believe audience below. It was all in fun. But, if I continued that make-believe practice today, I would not be normal!

If I—a child of the Most High God—see myself as high and lifted up, able to do what I desire at any cost, if I hold my opinions, my rights, my dreams, and my possessions in the highest place; then my thinking is abnormal!

I will not acknowledge Him as God Most High, possessor of heaven and earth—possessor of me! I will not know He is at work in my chaos!

May our thinking be right!

In the whole wide world, there is no god made of stone, carved out of wood, crafted from any other material, or raised up in our minds that can compare to El Elyon, God Most High!

About the Writer:
God’s grace has proven sufficient in Cindy’s life over and over again, and she loves sharing His truths! She is a daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother who enjoys travel, flowers, fresh herb and vegetable gardens, compelling books, a cup of robust coffee, a pot of tea and warm scones, lively family meals, good cries, hearty laughs, and long walks with her husband, Doug. 


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