God’s Protection

It took me 3 years to fall for a boy.

It took him 20 seconds to break my heart.

It took my heart 5 seconds to throw up all kinds of walls that ran very deep to “protect” my heart from that pain again.

It took 3 years for me understand true protection from the Lord.

And it took the Lord moments to tear down my walls and replace them with his protection.

Where I went wrong during the above-mentioned years, was trying to protect myself. You see, I am not the girl who thinks she needs protection. However, I am the girl who hates bugs, would prefer not be in scary situations, and will scream if you scream.

So maybe I do need protection.

The truth is bugs, scary situations, and screams I can watch out for. Don’t go outside, avoid haunted houses, and be on guard for people who like to scream in your ear. That seems simple enough, but protection on God’s level is a hiding place, a safe haven, and a guard.

The Lord is my hiding place, you will protect me from trouble. Psalm 32:7

He keeps the needy safe and will protect us forever from the wicked. Psalm 12:7

He guards the course of the just and protects the way of his faithful ones. Proverbs 2:8

What God taught me in those three years was that I didn’t need to protect myself. I did not need to build up walls that kept people out. I did not need to define protection as a negative. I needed to let God define protection for me. I needed to see that God’s protection is more than someone standing in front of me while I coward behind them. And even more important, God’s protection is more than a knight in shining armor riding in to save the day at the very last second.  protection image

God’s protection is a refuge, a fighter for me, a guard from those who are evil. God’s protection is the light that reveals our path, is the safety we need to follow the calling He has placed in our lives, God’s protection is the hiding place we need to run to when our hearts get broken.

God’s protection is not a negative or a sign a weakness, but rather provides the strength we need to accomplish all God has set out for us. God’s protection is a constant in our lives. When I realized that God was the one fighting for me and that all I was doing was pushing people away, I suddenly realized that I had it wrong. When true understanding came, a perspective shift took place and true protection was easy to receive.

About the Writer:
Liz, just a girl who spends her days in seminary classes, spends her afternoons interning with First Baptist Dallas Women’s, spends her evenings with her friends laughing and challenging the definition of community to be something much deeper. If you need her you can probably find her watching Dancing with the Stars while on Pinterest, challenging the worldly norm of a 28 year old.


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