Word of God

When your life is filled with struggles and you need hope and encouragement; where do you turn?  Do you go to your family or a friend?  Do you post your struggles on social media?  Do you turn to self-help books?  Where do you look for answers to life’s greatest problems?

I have been on this earth for more years than I care to admit, and I have walked with the Lord for more than two thirds of those years. One of the greatest lessons I have learned is that the Word of God is a place of refuge, a place of peace, a place to find answers, a place to be consoled during a time of loss, a place to be encouraged, a place to be challenged, a place to find love, a place to find forgiveness, a place to find instruction, a place of correction and a place of strength. I know that whatever I face, I can find the answer to all of life’s problems in God’s love letter to me.AnnaMay

As I have walked with the Lord and studied His Word to find answers I have also found that memorizing His Word is a practice that helps me through all that I face in life. “Your word I have treasured in my heart, that I may not sin against You”. (Psalm 119:11)

If I treasure His Word by studying and memorizing it, I can come to know Him more intimately.  When I know Him, I develop an unshakeable trust in Him that carries me through the struggles.  It helps me to know that His plans for my future are always the best plans, even when I cannot see what the future will bring.

When I wonder whether or not I am on the right path, I know that I can go to God’s Word and find answers.  I don’t have to wonder whether or not I am hearing what God wants for my life because I can check it against His Word.  “All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness.”(2 Timothy 3:16)

Take time to treasure God’s Word and hide it in your heart.  You might be surprised that when you face struggles those scriptures that are hidden in your heart will come to mind and bring you peace.

About the Writer:

Anna leads the W.E. C.A.R.E. team for the Women’s Ministry of First Baptist Dallas, a widow, a mom, a grandmother and grateful to the Lord for giving her opportunities to share with other women in several ministries through First Baptist Dallas.



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