Can’t Get No Satisfaction

I NEED WATER!!! These are the words coming out of my mouth 99.9% of the time I make the regretful decision to work out with my husband, who I’m convinced has a super-human level of athleticism not known to this world. While running, lifting weights, and cycling with Ryan usually sound like fun in my head and I love the quality time together, these activities always leave me incredibly, unbelievably thirsty. If you’ve lived in Texas for any amount of time or have run for longer than five minutes without being in shape, you know this thirst. It’s the kind where you are picturing a watermelon snowball on top of a waterfall of Gatorade that you must get to as soon as humanly possible or you’re convinced you will die. This thirst is very unpleasant but also an incredible driving force behind finding something to quench the thirst. The craving for water is not something I need to be ashamed to admit. The craving for water is not sinful. The craving for water does not show my failure as a human being or Christian. The craving for water signals the great need I have for water.

John 4 records the often-told story of the woman at the well. The summary of this story is Jesus has a conversation with an immoral Samaritan woman about what will truly satisfy her thirst. She is confused at first as to why Jesus is speaking to her since it was uncharacteristic for a Jew to speak to a Samaritan. Jesus tells her that the water from the well where she is drawing will never truly satisfy her deepest needs and desires. John records Jesus’ powerful statement,

Everyone who drinks of this water will thirst again; but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but the water that I will give him will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life. John 4:13-14

Notice that Jesus says “will thirst again” not “may thirst again” not “there is a possibility satisfactionif I’m correct in my theory on human beings and immorality that you could thirst again”. Jesus says everyone and anyone who looks for satisfaction in anything but salvation offered through Jesus’ work on the cross “will thirst again.” Jesus does not say this to shame the Samaritan woman about her sin. Jesus did not say this to cause this woman to despair or become discouraged. Jesus tells her that she will be perpetually thirsty (unsatisfied) in her life if she doesn’t receive eternal life. He tells her this because He loves the Samaritan woman and doesn’t want her to spend her life continually drawing water from the well that will never satisfy.

The same is true for you and me. God doesn’t tell us to “flee sexual immorality” (1 Cor. 6:18) because He is mean or boring, or wants to keep us from having a fun life. God tells us to run from sexual immorality and pursue holiness because He knows the pain that comes from not following His plan. God wants us to have a satisfying marriage and life, and lays out the plan for how to do so in His Word. All of us will be perpetually thirsty if we live our lives drawing from the wells that don’t satisfy. I encourage you today to ask God, “Am I drawing from the wrong well?”

About the Writer:
Julia is the Girl’s Ministry Director at First Baptist Dallas. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor who trained at the world-renowned Meier Clinics.  Julia is a professional speaker for Just Say Yes, speaking nationwide on the topics of suicide, depression, self-harm, and eating disorders. Julia is passionate about her three favorite topics theology, psychology, and ryanology. She has been married to her junior high sweetheart, Ryan, for eight years and loves ministering to teenagers alongside her best friend and favorite boss. Julia has a heart to see people experience the same freedom through Christ that she has experienced!


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