About Yada Yada

“Give praise to the Lord, proclaim His name; make known among the nations what He has done.” 1 Chronicles 16:8

In 1997, a television episode aired that supposedly created a new cultural phrase, yada yada. Made popular by Seinfield, this new phrase came to mean boring or empty talk. But few people realize that this word had a different meaning and originated thousands of years ago.

Yada is actually the Hebrew word for “praise and thanksgiving” or “to know” in the sense of a relationship, like what the Lord desires to have with his people.

So the women of First Baptist Dallas have decided to accept the call to redeem this cultural term. Too often we allow culture to take what God says is good and twist the meaning. We are reclaiming yada yada.

So for the purposes of this blog, we will share our stories, the broken parts, the beautiful stories, the funny moments, and the life experiences for the purpose of praise. May you discover the love of the God who created you in our voices. We don’t claim to know the answers. But we can point you to the One who does.

So, yada yada, dear friends. May our voices bring Him praise. Will you join us on this journey?

About Women’s Ministry at First Baptist Dallas

You are created in the image of God for a unique purpose, and we want to partner with you as you grow in your relationship with Christ or discover who He is if you don’t know Him.

What will you find in our ministry?

You will be inspired, rejuvenated, and experience growth through weekly Bible studies, Wednesday evening worship and prayer, retreats, luncheons, and more. No matter your life stage, all women are welcome!

Enjoy building relationships?

We know how you feel. Relationships are integral and vital to our lives as women. Our ministry provides encouraging community to equip and challenge you to live out your God-given potential on a daily basis.

Want to grow in Christ at the same time?

Everything we do is built around a biblical foundation. We offer Bible studies throughout the year to help you grow, connect, and learn more about the Lord.

Love serving others?

We want to help you serve others in a greater fashion by giving you the tools you need to be a confident follower of Christ who proclaims Him boldly and loves others. Opportunities to serve are offered throughout the year.

Learn more about Women’s Ministry.

2 thoughts on “About Yada Yada

  1. I needed every word of the writing on controlling our emotions in regard to anger written by Tiffany Izquierdo, and not just because she is my daughter!!!! She has always been an inspiration to her mom and this time is not different! I have never known her not to be dedicated to her Lord and His Word!

  2. Wow, God, You always know just what is needed to restore Your daughter! And You continue to bless despite failures, You are so Good, Gracious, and Forgiving, Faithful You have been! Thank You for Your guidance to this encouragement and please bless all of the ladies involved!

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